what we do



Deuces Wild! Dueling Pianos theater style shows fill theaters large and small with loads of laughter and tons of interaction - making it the most unique, memorable and intimate theater experience you'll ever have!

You'll be amazed by our full bodied range of music and genres, and entertained to no end by our performers who've been acting crazy together for over twelve years. Suitable for all ages, your group will sure to have the time of their lives.

The breadth and depth of our musical catalogue is such that we offer a separate show custom tailored for the senior set:

“What a Wonderful World” combines the talents of David Eichholz and Ted Manderfeld in a performance featuring beloved musical standards, spirituals and sing-alongs liberally sprinkled with comedy, costumes, and wit!

This show features “Over the Rainbow”, “Tennessee Waltz”, “16 Tons”, “Amazing Grace”, “King of the Road”, “What a Wonderful World” and many more.

“What A Wonderful World” is a stand alone show or the perfect matinee before a Deuces Wild evening. An amazing afternoon outing for those seldom catered to seniors in your life!

Fun music + fun comedy + fun costumes = FUN!

*** The cost varies depending on venue size, length, location and date.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.